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Registration No.HK-52018

MOHRUS® PATCH Transdermal analgesic and anti-inflammatory drug


Active ingredient: Ketoprofen 2%
Dosage and Administration: Apply this product to the affected site once a day.
MOHRUS® PATCH is the most prescribed transdermal analgesic anti-inflammatory patch by doctors in Japan1. Each patch contains 2% Ketoprofen. This patch is for the relief of pain and inflammation such as lower back pain, local joint pain and muscle pain etc2,4.
Hisamitsu's MOHRUS® PATCH adopts the new styrene-isoprene-styrene (SIS) technology4, the active ingredient can penetrate the affected area without passing through the gastrointestinal system(Figure1).
MOHRUS® PATCH, with SIS base material characteristics, is designed to be hard to peel off and easy to use due to the stable permeability, high elasticity, and strong adhesion(Figure1).

Figure1 Active ingredient of MOHRUS® PATCH penetrates the skin
Table1 International Guidelines
International Pain Treatment Guidelines
How to Use

This guide is for suggestion only. MOHRUS® PATCH can be applied on other affected areas.

Patient information
MOHRUS® PATCH Patient Information Leaflet
[Click here to download]
MOHRUS® PATCH is a prescription drug. You are advised to talk to your doctors or pharmacists for more product's full prescribing information.
Please kindly note that do not expose the patch and application site under the sunlight, as it may cause rash.
Country of Origin : Japan
Manufacturer : Hisamitsu Pharmaceutical Co., Inc.
Contact us : Hisamitsu Pharmaceutical (Hong Kong) Co., Limited
TEL :2778-0231
FAX :2778-0283
Watch out for counterfeit products of parallel import products registered in Japan
Counterfeit products of parallel import of MOHRUS® PATCH registered in Japan that don’t contain the active ingredient have been found according to the court decision in July 2019.
In Hong Kong and Macau, only the following package of MOHRUS®PATCH is available.
3 major features
  1. Package has the Chinese name of MOHRUS® PATCH which is 慕拉適® 貼藥
  2. Package has the drug registration number of Hong Kong which is HK-52018 or HK-67384.
  3. The Package color is green.

This information is to help ensure our patients' safety and prevent unexpected problems while using MOHRUS® PATCH.
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